What Will the 2010 UK Elections Bring to the Online Gambling Industry?

The 2010 elections in the UK brought about a partial victory for the Conservative Party and Prime Minister Gordon Brown tendered his resignation ending 13 years of Labour rule and paving the way for David Cameron to become Prime Minister. The Conservatives are still twenty seats short of the 326 seats needed for a majority. The seats held by the opposition are expected to be greatly diminished. The Conservatives are still twenty seats short of the 326 seats needed for a majority. The seats held by the opposition are expected to be greatly diminished.

The betting market has been changing for the past few months since the financial squeeze became a reality. Low growth, high inflation, rising fuel prices and roaming charges have led to a considerable fall in real terms prices for most consumers. As UK consumers have been cutting back on expenses, casinos operators have been left with a reduced disposable income to reinvest and therefore increase the size of their payouts.

There are stringent rules for operators to abide by regarding payouts to gamblers. Most operators choose not to pay out at all, which means that the playing public funds a lot of the estimated £40 billion spent on gambling each year.

Casinos tend to attract customers by offering a Happy Cash bonus, the amount awarded to winners of jackpot prizes, which can be as high as 20% of the net winnings. It is estimated that Happy Cash bonuses paid out to gamblers in the UK make up to £2.5 billion given away each year.

operators also offer a facility for users to put funds in their Slots and Blackjack accounts specifically for betting, meaning that, by putting funds in the bank, rather than Cash Cards, operators can help people gamble more conveniently, and perhaps more benefitably, spending less of their pockets.

Payouts to gamblers vary from one casino to another, but on average, payout percentages are something like 90-92% of money played.

You will notice that a number of the more touristed casinos will offer a bigger proportion of payouts to individuals. This is done to not attract too many gamblers, in order to protect their business. However, if they get too much traffic, their return percentages will be approached.

You can check out the payout percentages for different operators by visitinghttp://www.expertcasino.co.ukand using the combusting search option, which will display phone numbers, websites and email addresses for those in the gambling industry, so that you can request information on payout percentages for a particular casino.

Casinos with a reputation for high payout percentages will tend to attract more patronage, as well as increased moneymaking potential. Tourist dollars going to casino operators are a great way of making money in areas such as valuable destinations, so whether in a picturesque town or travelling to an exotic destination, a trip away to a gambling resort can be very worthwhile.

The potential for online casinos to be successful in the UK is excellent, and it already seems that the betting public are starting to benefit from this increased competition. Online casinos are allowed to operate in the UK only if they have a license for a gaming operation that is “fit and proper”. The only way of achieving this is by applying for a license yourself and, when granted, having the certificate signed by the Office of Fair Trading.

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